Farm Animal Rescue
Suwanna Ranch

As HFA makes headlines for its hard-hitting campaigns against factory farming, there is another aspect of our work that is equally meaningful: HFA’s hands-on emergency care and refuge for abused animals.

HFA’s Suwanna Ranch – the world’s largest farm animal refuge – provides over seven square miles of land for rescued victims of animal cruelty. Suwanna Ranch continues to gain national recognition for its lifesaving work – providing rescue assistance and refuge to hundreds of abused and neglected animals each year.

HFA is the only national animal protection organization that has never turned away farm animals seized as a result of a cruelty case. The fact that HFA stands ready to provide both temporary and permanent care encourages law enforcement agencies across the country to use their legal authority to rescue farm animals from criminal neglect and cruelty.

The cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, burros, llamas, emus, and other animals HFA cares for each year arrive with their own tragic stories. But these stories now have happy endings. At HFA’s Suwanna Ranch, victims of cruelty find kindness they had never before experienced. For the first time in their lives, they find compassionate and caring people who are there to help them rather than to harm them.

In addition to providing care and shelter to abused animals seized in cruelty cases, Suwanna Ranch also functions as one of the region’s largest wildlife sanctuaries. Several areas within Suwanna Ranch are maintained as protected habitats for deer, bear, coyote, bobcat, raccoon, possum, owl, beaver, otter, eagle, hawk, quail, wild turkey, egret, pheasant, great blue heron, and other wildlife. Protecting the wildlife of Suwanna Ranch requires constant vigilance. Our dedicated staff has instituted security measures in order to apprehend persons found hunting/trespassing.

HFA’s standing policy is to prosecute poachers to the fullest extent of the law. In addition to pursuing misdemeanor penalties under the state’s fish and game laws, HFA also files civil lawsuits against violators.

HFA’s overall campaign against factory farming – groundbreaking legal actions, anti-cruelty investigations, National Veal Boycott, and campaign against slaughterhouse abuses – continues to be a leading force against cruel agribusiness practices.

HFA members will be kept apprised of upcoming open house events or other opportunities to visit Suwanna Ranch.

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