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HFA has numerous photos and video footage taken from our ongoing undercover investigations in factory farms and slaughterhouses. HFA makes some of these available to the public for the purpose of reproduction in newspapers/publications or for public viewing/demonstrations.

Photo Galleries

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Hog Factories   |   Veal Factories   |   Horse Auctions   |   Dead Factory Farmed Pigs   |   Ritual Slaughter

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Video Gallery

HFA currently makes available to the public portions of our video footage taken from investigations into slaughterhouses and factory farms.

HFA has also produced several anti-factory farming television ads, public service announcements, and our award-winning video documentary "The Pig Picture".

"The Pig Picture" highlights never-before-seen-HFA investigative footage. This powerful 18-minute video traces the development of commercial pig rearing in America - from the small-scale family farms of yesterday - to the corporate owned pig factories of today.

"The Pig Picture" is available for sale as DVD or VHS for only $10 from HFA's Online Marketplace.

The Pig Picture highlights never-before-seen-HFA investigative footage.

A visit to HFA's Suwanna Ranch, the world's largest farm animal refuge — including 5,000 acres of protected wildlife habitat.

How veal calves are raised on factory farms.

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