SCAM ALERT: The Truth About HSUS's Smear Tactics

“Our public relations people and HSUS's public
relations people are working together.”

- United Egg Producers, Rotten Egg Bill Sponsor

Dear Friends,

One sure sign of the Humane Farming Association's (HFA) effectiveness in fighting against egg factory cages is the lengths to which our opponents will go to try and stop us.

Ever since the discredited HSUS was exposed for selling out to the egg industry and publicly endorsing egg factory cages, it's been throwing everything at us, including the kitchen sink, no matter how absurd, no matter how defamatory, no matter how far-fetched.



But don't worry, we're used to it.

There is perhaps no issue more identified with the Humane Farming Association than the fight against factory farming.

With an unyielding focus on combating the imprisonment of animals in cages and crates, HFA launched the National Veal Boycott; initiated the nation's first major TV, radio, and print media campaign exposing farm animal abuses; and — among other initiatives — introduced the very first state legislation in the U.S. targeting factory farm confinement.

These unprecedented actions resulted in the complete elimination of veal crates in several states, including California. It was these decisive victories that blazed a trail for the later passage of measures such as Proposition 2 — which was designed specifically to build upon the groundwork laid by HFA, most notably, the public's now overwhelming opposition to veal crates.

HFA is also responsible for the first federal bill targeting factory farming, which led to the very first Congressional hearing on the topic. And after years of keeping this issue in the spotlight, most Americans now share our objections to battery cages, veal crates, and other cruel forms of confinement.

This compassionate and steadfast fight against factory farming set the framework for an entire movement and highlights the real-world effect of maintaining integrity and core principles while pursuing animal protection.

Together we've come far. Too far, according to the egg industry and a co-opted HSUS which has put self-promotion and vindictiveness above truthfulness and ethics. And now these forces are conspiring to roll back the clock, roll back progress, and roll back our anti-cruelty laws.

We simply cannot, and will not, let that happen.

So don't be dissuaded when you see HSUS's sleazy fabrications and pseudo-anonymous attempts to smear all of us who have maintained our integrity and opposition to egg factory cages.

Some things just come with the territory. This is what it means to be a cage fighter.

For the animals,
    Bradley Miller
    National Director, HFA